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Remedy explains Quantum Break's resolution - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

The technique, the developer says, offers the game "high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look".This is what Remedy is renowned for. read more

Quantum Break is 720p? Xbox boss encourages fans to try it before making any 'pre-judgements' - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has encouraged fans to try Quantum Break before making any "pre-judgements" about the game's alleged resolution.At the time of the report being posted, Digital Foundry stated that it had yet to receive a response from Remedy regarding the game's resolution, nor has Microsoft or the developer seemingly commented on it since. read more

Nintendo Switch Features a 6.2 Inch Multi-Touch Screen at 720p

Last night we got the rundown of all things Nintendo Switch.One of these is the actual screen featured on the Nintendo Switch tablet, which was mentioned, but not fully explored. read more