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Taco Bell wants you to order your Locos Tacos from an AI chat bot

You can place an order with Domino’s just by tapping an icon on your phone’s home screen.If what you’re after is a late night Tex-Mex fast food fix, TacoBot is ready to serve. read more

Nvidia’s vision for deep learning AI: Is there anything a computer can’t do?

In this case, though, Nvidia has a lot more than one thing up its sleeve.At GTC Nvidia announced version 5 of it neural network libraries (cuDNN). read more

IBM’s Watson is now making custom granola

IBM’s Watson destroyed his human competition on Jeopardy.That revelation shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, though, because Watson has already demonstrated a well-documented affinity for cooking. read more

Gamers defeated quantum computer in their own games

Gamer defeated quantum computer in their own quantum tasks.Recently ScienceAtHome, a Danish team of scientists, game developers, designers and artists developed Quantum Moves, a game that lets gamers simulate quantum computing tasks. read more