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Everything You Need To Know About Destiny's Big April Update

The agonizing wait for new things to do in Bungie's shared-world shooter is almost over.While Destiny Update 2. read more

Destiny's April Update Will Have Exclusive Gear for PlayStation Players

We've already detailed the numerous changes coming to Destiny in the April update dropping next Tuesday, but apparently the PlayStation Blog decided to add a few goodies that will be exclusive to players on the PS3 and PS4.Thanks to a little wink and a nudge with Activision and Bungie, players will be getting three new armor sets, a special quest, a new vehicle and a new weapon. read more

Activision Publisher Weekend on Steam - up to 80% off on popular titles.

Steam is holding another one of their famous Publisher Weekend sales, and offering some great Activision titles for up to 80% off.With every single Call of Duty game on sale for great prices, this is definitely a PC gamer's dream sale! read more

DJ Hero/Guitar Hero Live developer FreeStyleGames facing 'restructure' - Guitar Hero Live for PS4 News

UK developer FreeStyleGames is to be restructured, Activision has confirmed to MCV.The studio, which most recently developed Guitar Hero Live, will continue to be a "great partner" for Activision, the company says, but will be restructured "to better align the studio resources with future business needs". read more

Should You Come Back For Destiny’s April Update?

Needless to say, the April Update is nowhere near the size of that ambitious offering last September.But even stripping away considerations of the scope of the content, the April Update is a mixed bag of good and bad. read more

Real Money Transactions Are Threatening My Love Of Destiny

Every week, even casual players have a good shot at obtaining three of these Sterling Treasures through logging in and engaging with basic in-game activities.An unlimited number of additional Sterling Treasures can be purchased with real money. read more

Activision's Ghostbusters Is Coming In July, Not Connected To New Film

Back in January, the existence of a new Activision-published Ghostbusters game was leaked.It doesn’t appear to be on par with the game featuring the original cast that came out in 2009. read more

In One Update, Destiny Got Some Mojo Back

The update, which has been informally dubbed The Taken Spring, adds a few new bits of content to Bungie’s shooter-MMO hybrid.With no other new content coming out until the expansion this fall, this might feel like dire times for Destiny. read more

Ghostbusters game in the works

Finally, it's happening: a Ghostbusters game for new gen consoles.This Ghostbusters game isn’t connected with the new movie, and therefore won’t have any of the main cast members in it. read more

Hero World, the Guitar Hero/DJ Hero MMO that never was

Unseen64 contributer Liam Robertson recently uploaded a Youtube video (above) which revealed details of a cancelled web-based MMO that would have connected the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games together.Dubbed Hero World, the idea was to have players manage their own clubs and to try to drive as many NPC's to their establishment as possible by hiring players of the various Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles to play there. read more