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The Roswell crash: Air Force balloon or extraterrestrial spacecraft?

Another piece of fuel for the Roswell conspiracy theory is the whole matter of “flying discs.The Air Force’s weather balloon explanation — while not entirely truthful — was more or less accepted by pretty much everyone, until 1978. read more

Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Want to Build an Interstellar Starship

Not content to simply sit tight and wait for ET to hail us, Milner now plans to build interstellar spacecraft.In a joint announcement at the One World Observatory in New York City today, Milner and Stephen Hawking unveiled Breakthrough Starshot, a $100 million research and engineering program seeking to lay the foundations for an eventual interstellar voyage. read more

Learn About Prey's Enemy Aliens, the Typhon, in New Video

The game features a dark and interesting story involving aliens, science, and how the two can go very wrong when mixed together.A new video, released today, lifts some of this mystery by going in-depth on what appear to be the game’s main enemies, the Typhon aliens. read more