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Save Big On Select RAM and Flash Storage Products, Today Only on Amazon

Amazon just kicked off a Gold Box deal on select Crucial and Lexar “memory” products, which in this case refers to both flash storage solutions and RAM.Inside, you’ll find a 960GB SSD for just $200, 8GB of RAM for as low as $22, an iOS compatible flash drive, professional grade SD cards, and more. read more

Upgrade to 4K With This Insane Samsung Deal

If you’re ready to step up to 4K, you won’t find a better deal than this 48" Samsung Smart TV for $500.For reference, that’s $100 less than its Black Friday pricing, and $200-$300 less than usual. read more

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis: stylish, svelte, and an eye-popping $290

The device was a huge success, despite a $399 price tag.Today, Amazon took the wraps off its new high-end ebook reader, the Kindle Oasis, and announced the device would carry a $290 price tag. read more

Own One of Your Favorite Mechanical Gaming Keyboards For As Little as $70

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Elite is one of the most popular mechanical gaming keyboards out there, and you can pick one up for $80 today, which is one of the best deals we’ve seen an all-time low.For that price, you’re getting individually backlit keys, give macro keys with on-the-fly recording, and Razer’s new proprietary key switches. read more

Peter Serafinowicz to star as The Tick in Amazon series -

British comedian and actor Peter Serafinowicz has been cast as the lead in Amazon's The Tick pilot, based on Ben Edlund's comic book character.The Tick reboot will see the muscular hero - recovering from memory loss – teaming up with his sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman) to fight evil. read more

Amazon starts offering monthly Prime subscriptions

As of July last year, Amazon had already racked up around 40 million Amazon Prime subscribers.Opt for the old annual fee, and you’ll basically score yourself three months of Prime for free. read more

Save On One Of Your Favorite Gaming Mice Today on Amazon

The Logitech G502 was your choice for best gaming mouse (though you don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate its benefits), and the upgraded Proteus Spectrum model (which includes fully adjustable backlighting) is on sale for an all-time low $70 today.The marquee spec here is the DPI range of 200-12,000, adjustable on the fly. read more

Here's Your First Amazon Echo Discount of the Year

In spite of all the snark when it first launched, the Amazon Echo is actually really great (and only getting better over time), and Amazon’s discounting it today for the first time since Black Friday.In addition to being a pretty solid Bluetooth speaker, the Echo can check the weather, turn on your lights, read you the news, trigger custom IFTTT recipes, and even order food. read more

AmazonBasics is copying all the best products on Amazon and selling them for less

Having a hit product on Amazon can be a huge deal for a company of any size, but Amazon will take note of that success.When there’s a hit, Amazon might try to make its own version of the product at a lower price. read more

Experience Google Cardboard VR Without the Cardboard For $22 or Less

If you want to experience Google Cardboard VR without strapping a shipping box to your face, this plastic headset is a slightly upscale alternative for most Android handsets and iPhones, and it can be yours for just $22 today as part of a Gold Box deal.If you want a similar product with a button included, this View-Master VR headset is also marked down to $18, though you’ll have to hold it to your face, since it doesn’t include a head strap. read more

Here's Your Economy Class Ticket to 802.11ac Wireless

It isn’t the fastest or most powerful router on the market, but if you’re on the hunt for an 802.That’s about $20 less than normal, an all-time low, and one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on a reputable 802. read more

What to Watch Now on Amazon Instant Video

This is the new permanent home of our guide to the best of Amazon Instant Video (including free titles for Prime members).The following recently added Amazon Instant Video titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are much older "classics" that do not have a Metascore). read more

Amazon starts requiring Prime membership to buy high-profile video games

If you want to purchase GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Far Cry Primal, or Battlefield Hardline directly from Amazon, you can only do so with a Prime membership.Everyone else sees purchase options limited to third-party sellers. read more

Amazon locks certain games as exclusively available for Prime members

It seems Amazon has quietly introduced several games to their list of Amazon Prime-Exclusive items, with GTA V, FIFA 16, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Minecraft and Far Cry Primal all currently marked as "exclusively for Prime members", among others.It's unknown how many more titles are affected by the change; however, the games are still available to purchase through third-party sellers on the site. read more

Amazon refusing to sell certain video games, movies to non-Prime members

It seems, however, that Amazon is testing an experiment in multiple markets (both the UK and US are reportedly affected).Some video games and movies are only available from Amazon if you’re actually a Prime member. read more

DOOM pre-order editions and where you can buy them

All the details you need to know about the various features DOOM's pre-order has to offer before you order your copy.As the lone DOOM Marine, you’ve been activated to do one thing – kill them all. read more

Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders are Dominating the Amazon Best Seller List

Last night was the big Nintendo Switch reveal that gamers had been waiting months for.Apparently a lot of people felt that it was because the Nintendo Switch and its games are currently dominating the Amazon Best Sellers chart. read more