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Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents Is An Adventure Game Book Brought To Life

, a four part series of adventure game books that had players fighting monsters and choosing their own paths as they read, is being steadily developed into games by developer inkle, with Sorcery!novels has been preserved in the game, with the developer using a similar visual style to flesh out a world for players to explore. read more

Your Ears Are Your Only Guide In A Blind Legend

Your ears are your only guide in first-person hack & slasher A Blind Legend, a game that requires players use only the sound around them to know where to move and where to strike.Edward Blake, a blind knight, is under attack from enemies, and must rely on the voice of his daughter, as well as other sounds in the environment, to guide himself through combat and exploration. read more

Improve The City To Help Your Heroes In Elio: A Fantasie Of Light And Darkness

As players make improvements to their home town, their characters will grow stronger in the turn-based RPG combat of Elio: A Fantasie of Light and Darkness, a free-to-play game available on Android.The original party members, which can be highly customized to the player’s taste, can eventually have access to over 200 classes that can be unlocked over play. read more

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Community In Uproar Over Final Fantasy Tactics Event

Members of the Final Fantasy: Record Keeper community are upset after a perceived lowering of drop rate percentages of highly-valued event items such as the Platinum Sword during the Unsung Heroes Final Fantasy Tactics-themed event, with many feeling it is an attempt to raise more revenue from players paying for chances to receive the rare items.Over the past few days, there have been multiple posts about a perceived lower drop rate on Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’s dedicated Reddit. read more

Glorious Savior Brings A Multitude Of Weapons To iOS

Glorious Savior, the turn-based Android RPG where players can attack with several weapons all at once, has released on iOS as well, with premium and freemium versions available.A single dungeon awaits players of Glorious Savior, but it is huge, covering multiple, increasingly difficult, areas. read more

The Diary Is A Cute Spin-Off Made To Support Development Of Horror VN The Letter

The Diary, a spin off starring a childhood version of one of the characters from horror visual novel The Letter, has released on iOS and Android.It is available for free, but features in-app purchases that will help fund the development of The Letter. read more

A Liar’s Life Is Forever Changed By A Mysterious Email In One Thousand Lies

One Thousand Lies, a free visual novel on and Android, has players living the life of Ciarán, a known liar, writer, and student whose life is changed by a mysterious email. read more