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Flames Of War Pacific Launch Week

Flames of War Pacific is coming this week and Battlefront is wanting to give you all the information you can possibly handle.As such, they’ve turned the page into a blog full of all sorts of content which will help lead you into the games’ expansion release. read more

Next Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Features Lando Calrissian, Out This June

The expansion is called Bespin and will feature new maps and even Lando Calrissian himself.According to the new update on the Star Wars EA website, The Bespin expansion will take “players in and around Cloud City, with four new maps for all of our most popular modes. read more

Lando Calrissian ( and many more) coming to Star Wars: Battlefront soon

As much of a Star Wars fanatic I am, I really struggled to find a reason to stick with DICE’s Battlefront last year.It wasn’t that it didn’t feel like Star Wars (it actually nailed that), but rather that the game at launch felt unbaked. read more

New Star Wars Battlefront offline content teased - Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 News

It looks like DICE has been taking note of fan requests and will be adding new ways to play Star Wars Battlefront offline, the studio said in new blog post.The post gives an overview of what's coming to the game over the next few months, both premium DLC and free updates: "We're taking players in and around Cloud City, with four new maps for all of our most popular modes," explains producer Craig McLeod. read more

Star Wars Battlefront VR experience coming exclusively to PlayStation VR - Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 News

An "all-new Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience" is being developed by DICE and Lucasfilm exclusively for PlayStation VR, Sony has announced.The game was revealed during Sony's PS VR briefing at GDC last night, although we don't yet know what it looks like or whether it will be a standalone title or an add-on to last year's multiplayer shooter. read more

Bespin expansion, new hero characters, and more coming to Star Wars: Battlefront this June

EA recently announced on its blog that new additions will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront come June.YouTube game commentator Westie says in his info video on the Bespin DLC that the news that both Lando and Dengar will appear in the game is both hot and cold: "You couldn't do a Bespin DLC without including Lando. read more

Players Can Try Star Wars Battlefront DLC For Free This Coming Weekend

For this coming weekend only, DICE is allowing all players of Star Wars Battlefront to play the Outer Rim DLC free of charge.From May 13th until May 15th, you can try out all of the new game modes, maps and characters that are in Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC. read more

Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront 3 Supposedly Getting Released On Steam

Star Wars Battlefront 3 was sadly never made until EA/DICE’s reboot released last year in the form of Star Wars Battlefront.A talented group of fans acquired assets from the cancelled Battlefront 3 and they plan to release it under the name of Galaxy of Turmoil. read more

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Reveal Coming Next Month

While we know that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is coming, the game hasn’t had an official reveal as of yet.That will end next month with EA and DICE announcing that Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be fully revealed during a panel at Star Wars Celebration. read more

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Teaser Hints at Single Player Story and PS4 Exclusives

EA and DICE will be unleashing the full Star Wars: Battlefront 2 reveal trailer tomorrow at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.This new teaser, which begins with a PlayStation logo even on the official Star Wars channel, hints a bit at the storyline we’ll be able to play through in the promised single player campaign. read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Dev Assures Gamers 'we will have Dedicated Servers'

This can be especially bad when there are a lot of players, as the P2P connection will give one player host advantage and cause other sorts of issues.So, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 being a large and competitive game it’s good to hear from one of the developers that it will use dedicated servers. read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Won't Let You Land Vehicles and More Details

However, some of the biggest announcements from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando were kept behind closed doors.This includes the unfortunate fact that space battles won’t allow you to land or change vehicles, along with many more. read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta Coming this Fall

Tomorrow, June 10th marks the full gameplay reveal of Star Wars Battlefront 2, but today we got some additional details about the highly anticipated shooter.According to a new post from EA and DICE, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta will be available this Fall for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. read more

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Feature Free DLC Including Finn

Electronic Arts will be taking a new approach to downloadable content in Star Wars: Battlefront 2.This time around, all DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be free, which includes new characters that Battlefront fans have been asking for including Finn and Captain Phasma. read more

Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay leaks ahead of EA Play 2017

Publishers spend a lot of time trying to surprise gamers but others aren’t that careful.It looks like footage from a YouTuber’s channel leaked early and was posted to various forms of social media and video-sharing websites. read more