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Dark Souls 3 on PC has a game-breaking bug — here’s how to fix it

The bad news is that the PC version of insanity simulator / RPG Dark Souls 3 appears to have a game-breaking bug of its own gumming up the works.The good news is that apart from these bugs, overall reception for Dark Souls 3 is positive. read more

How To Jump Into Dark Souls 3 If You Got Started With Bloodborne

Despite being the third game in the series, it’s possible Dark Souls 3 is your first Dark Souls game!You can approach Dark Souls 3 a little like Bloodborne, however, if you build your character in a way that emphasizes being nimble and light. read more

Dark Souls 3: 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Play It - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Some of us just don't want to play it.Here's 5 terrible reasons why. read more

What I Actually Call Dark Souls Bosses

From Software has a knack for creating some super weird boss names.Here are some of the names I use when talking about Souls/Bloodborne games… Old Name: Capra DemonMy Name: Big Demon Bawbag By the time I stumbled across the Capra Demon, I was already used to dying in Dark Souls. read more

Dark Souls 3 is great, but I can't love it like Bloodborne, because it's not as cool

But after playing Dark Souls 3, I think I've found a more significant difference: Bloodborne is cool.But the whole reason I bought Dark Souls 3 was the assumption that since I loved Bloodborne - a game which is itself derived from the Souls series' formula - I would obviously enjoy Dark Souls 3. read more

Why I Love: bonfires in Dark Souls

And nothing symbolises this quite so clearly as the bonfire in Souls games.) But what if you hate Dark Souls? read more