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Final Fantasy VII Remake May Include Spin-Off Characters and Settings

Square Enix is undertaking one of its most requested projects with the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII.In an interview with GameInformer, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that the team is hoping to incorporate characters and settings from spinoff projects. read more

The Division 1.1 Update Has Caused Some Characters To Be Completely Deleted On Xbox One

Following the downtime for maintenance yesterday morning, players naturally wanted to sign on and check out the changes that have been made in update 1.However, a number of posters on The Division subreddit started posting about their characters being completely wiped and missing. read more

Bravely Second: End Layer Review

He works better as a leading character than Tiz or Agnes did in the first game, thanks to a more interesting personality and story arc.While it features many of the same areas and jobs that the first game does, Bravely Second switches up the order in which you come into contact with them. read more

Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game Trailer And Box-art Revealed

The game will be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.The first trailer for the game was also released which gives you a look at the gameplay and graphics. read more

Overwatch Preview for PS4 -

No other pretender may stand against WoW and win, and Blizzard, presumably, wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.But then Blizzard saw that there were, and looked down and whispered: "Let's do a team first-person shooter, like Team Fortress 2. read more

Bravely Second Guide: Each Character's Base Stats And What They Mean

While min-maxing is definitely possible in this game, the stats for each character are close enough that you’ll be able to find success with each character no matter which job you assign them to.Below you will find descriptions for each of the game’s 8 stats, as well as how each character’s stats are graded. read more

One Piece: Burning Blood Character Roster Revealed On Selection Screen

It appears the full roster has now been revealed in One Piece: Burning Blood thanks to a new video that has been uploaded which shows the character selection screen.AnimeGamesOnline posted the video of One Piece: Burning Blood’s character selection screen on their YouTube channel. read more

Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code

Melty Blood: Acress Again: Current Code is the fourth installment in the Melty Blood series, a spin off to Tsukihime, and is available on Windows PCs.You can activate Heat after the circuit meter fills past 100% and can enter Blood Heat mode if the circuit meter fills to 300%. read more

Hideo Kojima Describes How He Creates Characters In His Games

The legendary developer has now shared what goes on his mind before he decides to create new characters.And recently, I also consider if the character is attracted by Cos-Players. read more

One Piece: Burning Blood Review

This has spawned countless video games over the years, with the latest taking on the emotional Paramount War arc in the fan friendly One Piece: Burning Blood.The story mode in One Piece: Burning Blood is simply named Paramount War after the story arc, which is better known in the Japanese version as the Marineford arc. read more