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Evolution Studios joins Codemasters to form "racing powerhouse"

Last month Sony decided to close Evolution Studios, creators of Driveclub and Motorstorm, and today they have joined forces with racing specialists Codemasters.Former VP of Evolution Studios Mick Hocking takes a new position of VP Product Development at Codemasters and is now in charge of overseeing all of the company’s studios including Evolution. read more

DriveClub developer Evolution studios joins the Codemasters stable

Once it was fixed, it was a damn fine game, possibly one of the best racing games ever commited to the PlayStation 4.But it wasn’t enough to save developer Evolution Studios, who were looking at the wrong end of a retrenchment barrel earlier this year. read more

Dirt Rally Dev Saves Evolution Studios

A few weeks ago, Sony announced that it was closing down Driveclub developer Evolution Studios.DIRT Rally developer Codemasters to the rescue! read more

Evolution Studios Inks Deal With Codemasters; Saves Studio

But it looks like the story has not ended for the Evolution Studios just yet.Most of the staff of Evolution Studios will stay hired on and will work in the same offices. read more

Evolution Studios joins Codemasters - DriveClub for PS4 News

Evolution Studios has joined the Codemasters family.The DriveClub developer will be added to Codemasters portfolio of studios from April 25, becoming a multi-platform developer in the process. read more

F1 2016 Features 22 Player Online Racing, Formation Lap & Manual Starts

F1 2016 will also include manual race starts.You�ll need to engage your clutch and balance your revs, as you wait for the lights to go out. read more

DiRT Rally Adding PlayStation VR Support Soon

Codemasters has just announced plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally in the coming weeks, giving you a fully immersive off-road experience, with the upgraded game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally.The update will also enable a game-changing second player to join in on the fun. read more

F1 2016: The Most Overlooked Sports Game of the Last Year?

I've never been the biggest Formula One fan, but I've played my fair share of F1-related games over the years.Last year's was released in August, and described it as, "an outstanding race sim, and should be in any race fan's rotation. read more