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Network - Blog - I Dig Shovel Knight

Compared to the core combat mechanics of these games Shovel Knight's STRIKE is an odd fit.I didn't particularly like the darkness sections in Spectre Knight's stage or the overlaid obscuring elements in Propeller Knight's stage. read more

I am Setsuna: Gameplay Video and Impressions from Square Enix's Chrono Trigger Inspired JRPG

They are taking their next step in this process with the release of I am Setsuna, a game that is heavily inspired by the JRPG classic, Chrono Trigger.I am Setsuna comes from the newly created Tokyo RPG Factory, a development studio whose express mission is to recreate the classic JRPG feeling in the modern era. read more

Latest Magazine Scan Shows Final Fantasy 15 New Abilities

The latest issue of Weekly Jump magazine in Japan has more information of the combat skills that Noctis and his gang have in Final Fantasy 15.Nova Crystallis posted the scan on their website and it tells you some of the new skills that the team has in Final Fantasy 15. read more

For Honor Beta First Impressions: Is it Worth Buying?

But once you resist the urge to throw your fist through your screen long enough to figure it all out, then you will find a pretty fun game buried under all the raging.It’s not perfect, more on that later, but when it works combat feels fun and fresh. read more

Dreadnought PS4 Closed Beta Arrives Today, Here's How to Sign Up

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Dreadnought, Grey Box’s take on massive space ship combat.You can click here to sign up for access, though Grey Box will only be allowing in select groups as they are ready. read more

Watch The E3 2017 Trailer of Ace Combat 7

One month after announcing its delay to 2018, Bandai Namco has released a new trailer of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown via GameSpot, in which they showcase the impressive graphics of the game and some traits of the story.As the trailer showcases, Ace Combat 7 will feature impressive graphics built with Unreal Engine 4. read more