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So You Want To Join The Empire: What We Learned About Those Rogue One Troopers in 13 Pictures

Empire Strikes Back troopers have curved handplates, black frowns.The kidney plate looks like it’s composed of more than one piece, like they have a plastic plate holding two sides together. read more

Fantastic Force Awakens, Journey Needed An Actual Desert

Cosplayer Angela Bermúdez and photographer Essam Elbably wanted to take some desert-themed cosplay shots from both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and PS3 game Journey.So. read more

Brings The Witcher 3's Yennefer To Life

We’ve seen some quality Witcher 3 cosplay over the past year or so, but as good as it’s been, Maria “Hannuki” Hanna’s Yennefer is up there with the very best of it.You can see more of Maria’s cosplay work at her personal site and Facebook page. read more

Cardboard Samurai Armor, Now for Adults

Brave warrior, the only thing that can defeat you now are sharp pointy things like pencils.But behold, here is genuine made-in-Japan cardboard samurai armor. read more

The Best Cosplay from PAX East 2016 - Zelda, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, and More

But by far one of the best things about the entire show is the cosplay.Fans come from around the world to either show off their creations, or check out other people’s. read more