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Solo Batman movie written and directed by Ben Affleck nfirmed ()

Warner Bros' worst-kept secret is now open knowledge, as the studio has confirmed the all-but announced Ben Affleck solo Batman movie.The disclosure came at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, a global "gathering of movie theatre owners". read more

Batman v Superman has made over $420 million worldwide -

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has opened to a giant $420.The film opened to $166. read more

Hot Topic – your thoughts on the future of the DC Cinematic Universe

But what does the film mean for the future of DC's Cinematic Universe?The critics may not have been kind, but Dawn of Justice's box office opening was still one of the biggest in history. read more

What is DC Comics Rebirth? Everything You Need to Know

The New 52 was DC's attempt at streamlining its complex continuity, which for some characters had stretched back for decades.Last year, during the corporate move from New York to Los Angeles, DC Comics ran the Convergence event, which brought back the DC Multiverse. read more

Comic Comp #14 Deathstroke

He enlisted in the army at the age of 16, faking his real age just to serve his country.He served in Korea for a time, until he was relocated to Camp Washington where he met his soon to be wife, Adeline Kane. read more