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Hardcore Star Wars fans put up a billboard to demand #GiveUsLegends

There’s a rebellion happening within Star Wars fandom, and Disney is most certainly the Empire in this situation.There are a slew of Star Wars fans who have been around (and buying things) since the very beginning in 1979 and a subset of those super fans became very attached to the various novels, comics, and video games that added to the story of the Star Wars universe beyond the movies. read more

Disney Theme Park Designer Imagines A Totoro Ride

Despite Disney and Ghibli being close, this isn’t an official thing.John Ramirez (whose art we showed off this morning) is an artist at Disney, where he hasn’t just worked on movies like The Lion King and Aladdin, but as a theme park designer as well. read more

Univision's digital efforts come clearer after buying Disney's piece of Fusion

As part of the deal, Univision is reorganizing some of its assets under Fusion, which will now officially go by Fusion Media Group.Under that umbrella will be Fusion's TV and digital operations, The Onion, The Root, Flama, El Rey and Univision's digital and music side. read more

Robert Downey Jr. is coming back to Marvel movies sooner than you think

It seems you won't have to wait until the two-part Avengers: Infinity War to see Robert Downey Jr.It'll be the wall-crawler's first solo movie appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2015's Marvel/Sony partnership brought about a homecoming. read more

The Latest Simpsons Couch Gag Highlights Disney's Classic Animation

The couch gag is a fun departure for the opening of The Simpsons, and the latest pays homage to Disney’s classic years, animated by Disney’s own Eric Goldberg.Goldberg, who has worked on films such as Aladdin and Pocahontas, runs through some of the company’s most popular films: read more

Star Wars: Episode 8 And More Could Have Been In Disney Infinity 4.0

It was announced not too long ago that Disney cancelled Disney Infinity altogether.Now reports have been coming in as to what Disney was going to do with the fourth game and more. read more

The Disney Afternoon Collection Review

However, Capcom and Disney surprised us with the announcement of The Disney Afternoon Collection that would be handled very similarly to their previous compilation.Just because The Disney Afternoon Collection looks great, that doesn’t mean the games always perform perfectly. read more