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Star Fox team takes on The Galactic Empire in this fan-made short

While some fan-made content is high quality, and some of it not so much, there is some that's just plain fun.In this fan-made video, "Star Fox vs Star Wars Invasion: Battle for Earth" by King Bob Videos, has taken two of the most well-known space series and blended them together for one epic battle. read more

Urban Empire's Cutthroat Politics Offer an Interesting Twist in the City Building Genre

Their latest game, Urban Empire, dispenses with it almost entirely, forcing you to bend to the will of the most powerful force of all - the almighty voter.Developed by Finland-based Fragment productions (Note: We originally incorrectly listed the developer as Haemimont Games), Urban Empire puts you in charge of a new city circa the 19th century with the goal of growing and becoming prosperous. read more

Stellaris delivers intergalactic space exploration and diplomacy to Steam May 9

Paradox has been working on Stellaris for some time, and that hard work is about to pay off.A new, full length trailer for the strategy title has blasted off into the intergalactic habitat known as the Internet that reveals a May 9 release date. read more