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DriveClub developer Evolution studios joins the Codemasters stable

Once it was fixed, it was a damn fine game, possibly one of the best racing games ever commited to the PlayStation 4.But it wasn’t enough to save developer Evolution Studios, who were looking at the wrong end of a retrenchment barrel earlier this year. read more

Driveclub Developer Evolution Goes Multiplatform, Making New Racing Series

It was recently revealed that Driveclub developer Evolution was being shut down by Sony, but it looks the developer has been saved.Publisher Codemasters has revealed that they have acquired Evolution Studios, allowing them to continue working on new content with the same team. read more

Codemasters saves Evolution Studios from shutting down, team goes multiplatform

Towards the end of March, Sony shut down DriveClub studio Evolution Studios.Unlike Microsoft, who only proposed studio closures, Sony just outright told Evolution to close up shop. read more

Did Evolution know it was about to close? DriveClub's 'Finish Line' DLC drops hints at closure - DriveClub for PS4 News

The DLC, itself called 'Finish Line', rolled out onto PlayStation Store yesterday, the same day Sony announced that it would be closing the studio.But beyond its name, the DLC also features a pair of events seemingly recognising the closure, including one named 'Clocking Off' and another titled 'The Long Goodbye'. read more

Sony closes Evolution Studios - DriveClub for PS4 News

The closure follows redundancies made at the studio last year, shortly after Sony announced that it was transitioning the studio to "focus on DriveClub as a service".As a result, it has been decided that Evolution Studio will close. read more

Ex-Evolution staff tease 'big news' for today - DriveClub for PS4 News

Two of Evolution Studios' former employees have teased a "big announcement" for today.Teasing the news on Twitter, former senior community manager Jamie Brayshaw told fans to "stand by for big news today", with former game director Paul Rustchynsky adding: "Expect a big announcement today! read more

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution comes to PS4 & PS Vita on April 26 - Rocketbirds 2: Evolution for PS4 News

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution will launch for PS4 and PS Vita on April 26, developer Ratloop has announced The action-packed sequel will feature a six chapter Story Mode, plus an all-new meta-collection game called Rescue Mode, which you can catch details of below.Rescue Mode sees up to four friends (online or off-line) go on rescue missions to free hostages deep behind enemy lines. read more

Evolution Studios joins Codemasters - DriveClub for PS4 News

Evolution Studios has joined the Codemasters family.The DriveClub developer will be added to Codemasters portfolio of studios from April 25, becoming a multi-platform developer in the process. read more

Were dinosaurs already headed for extinction before the asteroid hit?

When the asteroid hit, it may have simply accelerated an already oncoming apocalypse for the dinosaurs.The question of whether dinosaurs truly “ruled the earth” right up until the asteroid impact some 65 million years ago is an old one, and controversial. read more