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First-Person Action Movie Hardcore Henry Is a Great Idea That Might Make You Sick

[This review originally ran on March 14 at 2:01pm] Hardcore Henry started life as a short.But the first time I saw a trailer for Hardcore Henry in a theater it made me want to barf. read more

SMITE PS4, Xbox One Update Adds 60 FPS Option And More

The higher framerate will be made permanent in a future SMITE update.Hi-Rez Studio making it optional for now to give players the option to switch back to 30 fps in case any issues are encountered with the release. read more

Are you Soda Drinker Pro enough?

After entering that unsuspecting beach house, Soda Drinker Pro takes on a whole new face of crazy, Vivian Clark.I would say all of that is quite odd, but in Soda Drinker Pro’s dark twisted story, it’s quite normal. read more