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Emerging game video sharing platform reached 10 million active users

With the rising of popularity of gaming videos, the streaming industry is growing too.Besides Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and FACEIT, there's another game video sharing platform that's thriving on this trend. read more

Facebook Shows Off How They Might Use Virtual Reality

Back in 2014, Facebook raised some eyebrows when they bought the virtual reality company Oculus for $2 billion.This week at Facebook’s F8 developers conference, we got a look at some of their ideas for VR. read more

Why The First Wave of Chat Bots Are a Bit of a Mess

It’s a nice idea, maybe, but you know what’s the single most obvious thing to me in the days since Mark Zuckerberg took the stage in San Francisco to proclaim the beginning of the Chat Bot Era?Brands and developers are feverishly trying to figure out in real time, right before our very eyes, where this whole chat bot thing is going. read more

Facebook invents awesome Surround 360 VR camera, gives the design away

He identifies three major challenging areas that Facebook had to deal with to ensure that Surround 360 video would be high-quality and artifact-free: creating a sense of depth, synchronizing the cameras, and aligning them.For Surround 360, that means 17 sensors that all have to fire at once. read more

Six big reasons to hold off on virtual reality

Following the smartphone comparison, virtual reality is like the first iPhone, and it could be awhile before it feels as polished, inclusive, and comparably affordable as say, the iPhone 5C.Here are six reasons to consider holding off on virtual reality — for now: The resolution of Oculus Rift’s earliest prototypes was so low, that its view of virtual reality appeared to be obstructed by a screen door. read more

Monopoly Finally Made Something Worse Than Monopoly

With the launch of Facebook Live, brands everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to navigate this latest way of connecting with fans.In Monopoly’s case, this meant livestreaming the composite of all your childhood nightmares. read more