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What You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XV's Flying Car

That’s changing in Final Fantasy XV, which once again puts players in the pilot’s seat.Amid all of the other announcements during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in March, the last revelation stole the show for many viewers. read more

Everything You Need To Know About Destiny's Big April Update

The agonizing wait for new things to do in Bungie's shared-world shooter is almost over.While Destiny Update 2. read more

The Most Underappreciated Meta Moments In Games

Its developer, Remedy Entertainment, is known for stocking its games to the brim with neat little Easter eggs that often hint at a connected universe shared between games.There are also references to Remedy's Max Payne series. read more

Survive Dark Souls III With Our Guide To The Essential Moments

After defeating the boss you acquire a sword to plunge into the empty fire pit in the next area, the Firelink Shrine.The Firelink Shrine will serve as your hub for Dark Souls III. read more

The claw is gonna get ya! (if the explosions don't!)

The last couple of days have kept me busy creating a "physics powered" grab arm for picking up the crates.When the player gets the crates to the exit, the claw comes to get it. read more

Three Games You Can Play For Free This Weekend

This is a great weekend if you happen to have free time and open hard-drive space.There are three games you can play absolutely free – two of them are in beta and the other is already out. read more

Should You Come Back For Destiny’s April Update?

Needless to say, the April Update is nowhere near the size of that ambitious offering last September.But even stripping away considerations of the scope of the content, the April Update is a mixed bag of good and bad. read more

Real Money Transactions Are Threatening My Love Of Destiny

Every week, even casual players have a good shot at obtaining three of these Sterling Treasures through logging in and engaging with basic in-game activities.An unlimited number of additional Sterling Treasures can be purchased with real money. read more

A Deeper Look At Final Fantasy XV's Characters

Final Fantasy XV is shaking things up by having four male leads who are already good friends before they embark on their crazy adventure, but it also has some intriguing side characters players meet along the way along the way.While visiting Square Enix, we discovered more about these integral personalities and what they'll add to the journey. read more

Test Chamber – An Early Run Through Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The beta goes out to those in the Frontrunners program on April 22 and to the general public on April 23 and ends on April 26.We got a chance to get started on it a little early, and played portion of the game's opening, saw the story setup, played around with Faith's new abilities, and even get a brief look at the potential of the open world. read more

10 Classic Games That Deserve Modern Makeovers

But there are plenty of other games that deserve to shine again, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most deserving ones.There are countless games we’d love to see return to the spotlight, but we’ve tried to keep this list fairly realistic. read more

Opinion – Star Fox Gimmicks Grounded A Once-Proud Fighter

A prevailing issue for Star Fox has been attempts to implement unnecessary gimmicks.While Star Fox 2 was in development, the Virtual Boy, an entire system built around a gimmick, featured a Star Fox demo that never became more before the doomed system met its end. read more

Square Enix Reflects On Final Fantasy's Drive For Cutting-Edge Tech

Hiroki Chiba was an event planner for Final Fantasy VII (and is currently directing the upcoming World of Final Fantasy), and he can’t remember a lone aspect of development that was the most challenging, because almost all elements were uncharted territory.However, Kitase has been involved with the Final Fantasy franchise since the early ‘90s, serving in leadership roles on hardware-transition titles like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII. read more

Two Dark Souls III Amateurs Discuss Their (Mis)Adventures

From Software's Dark Souls series has garnered a dedicated cult following over the years, but not everyone is a true believer.That could very well change with Dark Souls III, though. read more

Rethinking Video Game Novels With Boss Fight Books

We talked with Durham to find out how Boss Fight Books touches on the personal side of gaming, stays on people’s radar, and what the future of the small press looks like.I feel like some video game books come off as too clinical. read more

Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (April 21, 2016)

This week of blogs covers everything from gaming woes to Destiny to Kingdom Hearts.It's odd to write Kingdom Hearts and actually have a new game out for the series. read more

Dishonored 2 DLC Coming With Death of the Outsider in September

Bethesda has announced that Arkane Studios’ fantastic first person adventure Dishonored 2 is getting its first bout of downloadable content with Death of the Outsider.Described as a “standalone adventure,” Death of the Outsider will feature Billie Lurk as the playable character who reunites with her mentor Daud. read more