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Pop Culture Shock Toys Carrying 11 Street Fighter V Figures

Pop Culture Shock Toys is preparing a line of 1:3 to 1:6 scale figures of select members of the Street Fighter V cast.Here are the details for all 11 of Pop Culture Shock Toys’ Street Fighter V statues. read more

Rumor: First Wave Of Star Wars: Rogue One Black Series Toys Named

It might be several months until we see the first Star Wars: Rogue One toys in stores, but an early report reveals the figures that will be included in the first wave.According to exclusive report from Jedi News, Hasbro already has an early plan for the first wave of Star Wars: Rogue One Black Series figures. read more

Walmart Announces New Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Black Series Figures

Walmart has announced that some new Black Series figures will be available based on characters that appear in Star War 7: The Force Awakens.Both Han Solo and Captain Phasma were released previously in the 6 inch line, although Leia Organa hasn’t been made yet. read more