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Cool weekend gaming event reminder

Then you really should consider going to Resting Glitch Face, an experimental games party taking place tomorrow.I told you about it before, but you really should make an effort to be there – supporting events like these means we might see even more cool gaming events in the future. read more

Prey Release Date and New Details Revealed With a Fancy Trailer

Those waiting for new information on Prey, feel free to jump up and down excitedly because now, you have got some.And a fancy new trailer that shows off the main character, Morgan Yu, and a bunch of scary, inky aliens. read more

For Honor Beta First Impressions: Is it Worth Buying?

But once you resist the urge to throw your fist through your screen long enough to figure it all out, then you will find a pretty fun game buried under all the raging.It’s not perfect, more on that later, but when it works combat feels fun and fresh. read more