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Giveaway: Stacks of Warframe 3-Day Booster Codes

The free-to-play MMO Warframe has just celebrated its third anniversary and to celebrate, developer Digital Extremes has sent over an absolute boatload of 3-day booster codes for the game for us to giveaway!If you haven't gotten in on the action yet, Warframe is free to download and play on Xbox One. read more

UK/EU Giveaway: Dark Souls III Xbox One Promotional Goodies

We thought about what we could do to right the apparent wrongs of other receivers of said bundle of joy.Either way, you can win our Dark Souls III press kit! read more

Square Enix Releasing Justice Monsters Five, Offering Pre-Registration Incentives

Just Monsters 5 is launching on mobile systems, so prepare for the release with pre-registration gifts and bonuses!Developer Square Enix, the renowned studio behind such fantastic franchises as Final Fantasy, is currently working on the upcoming release of Justice Monsters Five, a brand new mobile title on Android and iOS. read more