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QWERTY Effect: How typing makes us love certain words, hate others

It’s known as the “QWERTY Effect,” and according to a group of researchers from Germany, it causes us to have an emotional reaction towards certain words.The QWERTY keyboard is not efficient. read more

Cherry’s new Silver switched are built for speed and exclusive to Corsair keyboards

Logitech designed its own fully custom Romer G switches, Razer has the green and orange MX-compatible switches, and Das Keyboard has its mustard and olive MX switches.Now, Corsair has released a line of gaming boards with an exclusive new Cherry switch, the Cherry MX Speed. read more

John Romero teases new game by parodying Star Wars: The Force Awakens

John Romero has recently revealed that he is working on a new shooter with Night Work Games that is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.When Romero turns to acknowledge Carmack’s presence, the developer shows him a mouse and keyboard, letting Romero know that it’s time to return to making shooters. read more

Simon Pegg relied on Wikia site to fact-check Star Trek: Beyond script

Simon Pegg recently revealed the secret to keeping all the facts straight while writing the new Trek script: the Memory Alpha Wiki.As you can probably guess, it’s devoted to cataloging all things Star Trek. read more

Amazon starts requiring Prime membership to buy high-profile video games

If you want to purchase GTA V, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Far Cry Primal, or Battlefield Hardline directly from Amazon, you can only do so with a Prime membership.Everyone else sees purchase options limited to third-party sellers. read more

Are AMD’s 3 new gaming chips destined for PS4K, Xbox One Slim, and Nintendo NX?

Those are all just rumors, though, but they are now rumors AMD has added a lot of new fuel to.So three new SOCs most likely means a PS4 refresh, an Xbox One refresh, and what else? read more

Blade Runner 2 gets an earlier release date, how does that make you feel?

Alcon Entertainment is the company behind the Blade Runner sequel that will see Harrison Ford return as Detective Rick Dekkard.Ridley Scott will be producing Blade Runner 2 and not directing it, as he’s hard at work on Prometheus 2 AKA Alien: Covenant, but everyone who has been allowed to talk about the project seemed to think it was going in the right direction. read more

The most important games that made the Xbox 360 great

The Xbox 360 was the console that changed the gaming landscape forever.The prominence of online gaming, gaming achievements, online distribution, and more were features that the Xbox 360 either introduced or perfected on home consoles. read more

deals roundup: Save on Xbox One bundles, PlayStation Plus, and more

Pick from Rare Replay, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, or Rise of the Tomb Raider.For a limited time, you can save $10 off a one-year subscription card when you buy on eBay. read more

Hearthstone players to get 13 free packs for Whispers of the Old Gods release

If you were looking for a reason to get back into Hearthstone — or couldn’t find a reason to stick with it — the new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, drops on April 26.If a new expansion still isn’t enough to get you back into Hearthstone, how about 13 free packs of expansion cards for little to no effort on your part? read more