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’s what to watch: Hardcore Henry, Fear the Walking Dead & more

Now that all the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hoopla has died down (right along with ticket sales, zing!You have a first-person action flick, a brain-tingling thriller, a bonkers comedy, and even more zombies on TV. read more

The New Ghostbusters Are Getting The Funko Pop Treatment

In pursuit of their plans for utter world domination, Funko has revealed their next acquisition in their Pop!Vinyl line: the new Ghostbusters. read more

Cryptozoic Launches Ghostbusters II Kickstarter

… The pizza guy.Anyway, Cryptozoic ain’t afraid of no ghosts and has launched their Kickstarter Campaign for the Ghostbusters II board game. read more

Here's your first look at the 2016 Ghostbusters game

It goes without saying that movie games are usually absolutely terrible pieces of tie-in merchandising, rush-jobs that make the bare minimum use of the assets that they’re based on so that studios can turn in a quick buck.After all, when you’re only given about a year to get a game made and released on a tight deadline, quality is bound to slip. read more

Ghostbusters 2016 Video Game Trailer And Box-art Revealed

The game will be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.The first trailer for the game was also released which gives you a look at the gameplay and graphics. read more

Ghostbusters: The Board Game II

In GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II, one to four players take on the roles of the Ghostbusters.The game's 12 reversible tiles and campaigns that last from 20 minutes to multiple hours let 1-4 players bust ghosts in all sorts of mind-blowing ways! read more

Ghostbusters game announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC; releasing summer 2016 - Ghostbusters (2016) for PS4 News

Activision is working on a new Ghostbusters game due for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer.Heading to North America on July 12, the game is said to be a 4-player top-down RPG that sees a brand new cast of rookie Ghostbusters called in to keep New York City safe following the events of this year's movie. read more

Activision's Ghostbusters Is Coming In July, Not Connected To New Film

Back in January, the existence of a new Activision-published Ghostbusters game was leaked.It doesn’t appear to be on par with the game featuring the original cast that came out in 2009. read more

Ghostbusters game in the works

Finally, it's happening: a Ghostbusters game for new gen consoles.This Ghostbusters game isn’t connected with the new movie, and therefore won’t have any of the main cast members in it. read more