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Gravity Rush 2: The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice DLC Hits PS4 on March 21st

That’s just under a month of waiting before you can get some more Gravity Rush 2 story content, completely free.“Good news, gravity shifters: Gravity Rush 2’s story-based DLC, The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice, launches March 21,” tweeted Sony’s official PlayStation account. read more

Take a Look at the Gravity Rush 2 DLC Outfit Inspired on Nier: Automata

Square Enix has announced that the long-awaited DLC for Gravity Rush 2 inspired on Nier: Automata will be available worldwide for free on May 5th.With this DLC, Gravity Rush 2 players will be able to dress Kat up in two variations of 2B’s main costume: one with her eyes covered and the other with her face completely visible. read more