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The 13 Most Intriguing Moments in Game of Thrones' Latest Trailer

Here are the thirteen moments that stand out the most to us, and what they reveal about the new season.But why, unless Davos has a plan that might see the dead Jon Snow become the very not dead Jon Snow in the near future? read more

HBO's 'Confirmation' tries to tell the whole truth, but doesn't dig deep enough

“This is about love and hate, and cheating, and disgust, and avarice," Simpson continues, with relish.The story of Thomas' confirmation hearings is a fascinating one, rife with the sort of thorny, timeless themes and issues audiences can't help but find irresistible — race, gender, sex, power, corruption. read more

The Game of Thrones Dilemma

This week, people across the world will have to make a similarly difficult decision: Should we watch the new season of Game of Thrones?As of Sunday, HBO’s Game of Thrones will have outpaced the books upon which it is based. read more

HBO Now launches on Xbox One, 360, ending winter for Game of Thrones fans

Last night while asking HBO's press relations team to look the other way and slip us Obama's copy of the Game of Thrones season six premiere, we also asked whether HBO Now would ever launch on a game console.For now, those users must instead steal passwords from cable-subscribing aunts and uncles rather than paying for their own a la carte HBO access. read more