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Watch The Hilarious Ramifications Of Stopping Time In This Superhot Parody

In the indie first-person shooter Superhot, time only moves when you move.Does everyone remain frozen in time as they wait for your next move? read more

March 2016: Funding ran out

The biggest one was saying, "You're a victim of the 'not invented here' syndrome.We went to a VR meetup group here in Seattle put on my "Chronos VR", and gave our first public demo. read more

Need a review for your indie game? Look no further

Take a moment to fill our our form to have your indie game reviewed by one of our games journalists!We have a team of games journalists eager to try new indie games and write detailed reviews. read more

50% Of Rust Characters Are Now Women, Whether Players Want It Or Not

First announced last year, indie survival game Rust has finally starting introducing female player models to the game.dick size, players are being assigned their gender based on their SteamID, which means there’s no way around it. read more

Interview with Creator of The Depths of Durangrar, Jack Poon

Just a while ago, I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Jack Poon, the developer behind The Depths of Durangarar.The Depths of Durangarar is a board game about dark mazes, traps, treasures, monsters and heroes with different abilities. read more

Excalibur Games opens up about new Steam Greenlight title Jalopy

You would have a game like the indie title Jalopy; which will be available for early access on April 22nd.Gameskinny: Jalopy's story and setting are pretty unique in modern gaming. read more

Democracy 3: Africa is released

This is the latest expansion to Democracy 3,  following Social Engineering and Extremism two years ago.There are some slight differences between the Africa expansion and previously released games. read more

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Specs Revealed

Today, DICE unveiled the minimum and recommended PC specifications for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.Check out the full details below and see how your rig shapes up: The upcoming first-person action game is set to get a closed beta next week, which will include main missions, side missions and more, along with testing its online systems. read more

GameStop Announced Launching GameTrust, an Indie Game Publisher

This entry into game publishing is the latest expansion beyond the sale of games for GameStop.If you go back and look at the top indie games from the last few years, there are some $10 million, $20 million, and $30 million titles out there. read more

Out This Week: Dark Souls III, Gear Gauntlet, Soda Drinker Pro

This edition covers all games released on Xbox platforms between April 9 to April 15.Players will be immersed into a world of epic atmosphere and darkness through faster gameplay and amplified combat intensity. read more

Celebrate Earth Day with these Indie Nature-Based Video Games

In honor of Earth Day, check out this list of Indie video games that focus on connecting with nature and highlight the beauty of our planet.No Earth Day list would be complete without a solid farming game. read more

Star Crawlers Preview - PAX East

You can choose to work with the mission givers or against them, for instance.Environmental challenges such as traps and events are procedurally combined to allow users replay without the game being driven by random numbers. read more