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Olympus Inc For Savage World Launches on Indiegogo

The substance of the campaign is the same, though the goal has been lowered slightly and there’s a shorter, overall, funding period for it.But if you’d missed out on the first one, or just forgotten, Olympus Inc. read more

Hasbro and Indiegogo Launch Crowdfunding Game Challenge

Some even make it to written notes or even a prototype form, but they don’t tend to get much further than that.Well, if you really do want to try and take the plunge into publishing your game, Hasbro and Indiegogo are willing to help via their Crowdfunding Game Challenge. read more

MK1881 Launches Himeros Fantasy Football Team On Indiegogo

Despite only being fan-driven for years now, side companies have made a living by creating alternate teams for the game.Well, MK1881 has a new Beastman team up on Indiegogo. read more