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Iron Man might disappear for a while if Robert Downey Jr leaves Marvel film franchise -

It would be "almost impossible" to replace Robert Downey Jr if he was to step away from Iron Man and related Marvel cinematic universe, Captain America: Civil War co-director Joe Russo has told Forbes.So linked to the role of Iron Man is Downey Jr that it's likely the Iron Man character would be rested if the actor chose to leave. read more

Oh hi Iron Man Mark 46

If you look back at the first Iron man suit and compare it to almost a decade of development and improvements, man what a difference.The current Iron Man suits? read more

Is Destiny Going Free to Play?

The expansion marks the beginning of Destiny Year 3, with the game having become something very different from what launched back in September of 2014.Now there is speculation that the game will take the bold step of becoming free to play, with a new store listing bolstering the speculation. read more