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Godzilla returns in first Japanese trailer ()

The first trailer for the Japanese Godzilla revamp has raised from the depths, showing a sinister but thrilling return to form for the King of Monsters.Movie studio Toho's trailer gives the first clear look at the redesigned creature. read more

Phil Spencer Committed To Bringing Japanese Games To Xbox

It’s no secret that Xbox platforms have never been the platform of choice for Japanese games, with very few of them coming to the platform and the ones that do selling very poorly.This was revealed when Xbox boss Phil Spencer was interacting with some fans on Twitter recently about the lack of Japanese game support on Xbox, though he shared some good news about what may lie ahead. read more

Persona 5's Free Japanese Audio Track DLC Is Nearly 3GB

While it wasn’t originally set to be included, Atlus eventually decided that they would be adding in the Japanese audio as free DLC for those interested.We now have more details about the DLC, particularly its big download size. read more