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Yep, Unreal Engine 4 Is Still King of Digital Room Porn

Run-of-the-mill room porn is one thing, but it takes something like Unreal Engine 4 to elevate it to a whole new level.This apartment might not exist, but I still really really wanna live there. read more

A Salt Portrait of Daenerys Targaryen

As in, a portrait made of actual table salt.The portrait was crafted by artist DinoTomic, also known as AtomiccircuS on DeviantArt. read more

When Kerbal Space Program Hype Reaches Dangerous Levels

Pictured above: a flying revolver destroying a locomotive, in a creative expression of one’s hype towards Kerbal Space Program’s big upcoming 1.Made by redditor JeanTheDragon, the winged gun was an answer to a series of Hype Trains posted to the KSP subreddit in anticipation to the update. read more

Final Fantasy IX Is Out on PC

Following its recent mobile release, the ninth Final Fantasy, originally released on PlayStation nearly sixteen years ago, has finally popped up on Steam.Per the developers’ announcement, here’s what you get for buying the game on PC: Relive this classic Final Fantasy adventure with Zidane and his crew with a bunch of new features including:・ Steam Achievements・ 7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes. read more

Minecraft as American Political Commentary

Made by PlanetMinecraft’s Jossieboy, the map, titled “No Future,” is his way to deliver commentary on today’s political climate.It is my way of delivering some critique to the current political situation in the U. read more

Kerbal Space Program Gets Its First Big Update Since Release

Kerbal Space Program is “Turbo Charged” by the release of patch 1.The update to Unity 5 means that the game’s performance has increased all-round, both on high end and low end machines you’ll notice the difference immediately. read more

BioShock Looks Far More Crisp in Unreal Engine 4

5, so it’s no wonder the Unreal Engine 4 project it inspired looks so sharp.The map, a remake of BioShock’s Medical Pavilion in UE4, is a piece of university coursework made by UK-based environment artist Ross Littlejohn. read more

Every Big Video Game Coming Out This Spring

Spring has arrived, and with it, flowers, greenery, and the promise of games.We’re now more than halfway into April, and the past month brought us plenty of great games, like Hyper Light Drifter, Quantum Break and Dark Souls III, to name just a few. read more

Doom with Mechs, Tanks and Helicopters Looks Like a Fun Time

SGtMarkIV, the creator of the Brutal Doom mod, has posted a new video where he demos another Doom mod of his.It features vehicular (and mecha) combat. read more

Alien: Isolation Fanart Really Nails The 'Deserted Space Station' Feel

Retro tech, abandoned coffee cups, unmade beds, monitors saying “LOST CONTACT” in all caps.Yep, that’s a deserted Alien space station, alright. read more