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This Is What Happens When I Don’t Play A Game For A While

I’d already finished the game on Xbox One, but I figured what the hell.I reached the end of the bridge, where Lara was supposed to just barely make the leap to safety, and… died. read more

What A Video Game Producer Actually Does

“Everybody’s excited,” says Ryan Treadwell, a producer at the game studio Certain Affinity.Most casual observers understand the role of a programmer, an artist, or even a sound engineer, but the word “producer” is more vague. read more

Five Dark Souls 3 Enemies Who Are Just The Worst

Each Dark Souls 3 enemy is horrible in its own way.This is Dark Souls, though. read more

What The Heck Happened In Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture? A Guide.

Upon first amplifying the pattern at the observatory, both Stephen and Kate are burned by radiation from the telescope.Eventually Stephen learns the symptoms that accompany human contact with the Pattern—people start by getting nosebleeds and headaches, then begin hemorrhaging and eventually die or disappear. read more

Overwatch Player Is A Wall Riding Fiend

Rollerblading healer hero Lucio is one of my favorite characters to play in Overwatch.The simple act of skating around feels great, especially when you’re riding walls like gravity’s just another rail ripe for grinding. read more

Tekken X Street Fighter Is "On Hold"

But Tekken X Street Fighter, which was announced at the same time, is still M.But, currently, the situation is with fighting games, you have Street Fighter V that was just released and a lot of people are playing that fervently. read more

This Week In The Business: Toys-To-Life To Death

” - Jumo CCO Chris Esaki, explaining why the toys-to-life genre needs novel entries that target older age groups.Gamers are ready for something new. read more

A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Just Wrecked Team Secret's Night in DOTA 2

Some lack of coordination has put them on the verge of elimination early following losses in their group.And then, almost fifty minutes later, Empire won what had turned into the longest game of the tournament by doing the exact same thing. read more

Quantum Break's Microsoft Product Placement Is Killing Me

So far Quantum Break is one of my favorite games of the year.Mostly I was just jealous of the bank of five Microsoft Surface tablets lined up on his desk. read more

Overwatch Ford S650 Supertruck Hits A Car At PAX East

Of all the people to stumble upon an Overwatch car accident.Randy Pitchford was exiting the main theater of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, having just finished showing off his studio’s competitive online multiplayer game, Battleborn. read more

Sunday Comics: A Pitiful Cry For Help

Welcome to Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics.The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon. read more

Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

The Korean prosecutor’s office leading the StarCraft 2 match-fixing investigation released its report this week, and the results are not good for fans of the sport.This is the kind of gambling money flooding into esports in Korea. read more

Shop Contest: Lighten Up, Dark Souls: Winners!

Last week I asked our Photoshop-savvy readers to bring a little bright and fluffy to the dreary world of Dark Souls.This is the prettiest ‘Shop Contest winners post ever. read more

The Acer Predator 8 Looks Like A Gaming Tablet But Hasn't Got The Guts

With its crimson accents, sharp angles and four front-facing speakers, the Acer Predator 8 looks like a tablet built for serious mobile gaming.Every aspect of the external design of the Predator 8 looks to have been designed with someone’s idea of gaming in mind. read more

The Week In Games: These Are Definitely Some Video Games Right Here

You know how most release weeks have one central peg, some highly-anticipated title that a person creating a list can latch onto?This week we’ve got a bunch of smaller titles. read more