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Rare to Lionhead: '<3 you guys' - Fable Legends for Xbox One News

Fellow Microsoft studio Rare has showed its support to Lionhead following last week's news that the developer is to close.In a tweet posted earlier this afternoon, Rare quoted an earlier tweet from Lionhead with the message: "<3 you guys". read more

Fable Legends has closed - Fable Legends for Xbox One News

Fable Legends has shut down and is no longer available to play.The game's closure – and that of Lionhead - was announced last month, but the curtain finally drew this afternoon. read more

R-Rated Fable 4 Was Rejected For Fable Legends, $75M Blown

Now that Lionhead Studios has been closed, details on what happened behind the scenes with Fable Legends and Fable 4 have emerged.Former Lionhead art director John McCormack revealed the behind-the-scenes struggles with Microsoft that completely changed the direction of the Fable franchise in a Eurogamer feature on the studio. read more