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Mutant Football League Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign...

We haven't heard from the folks at Mutant Football League in awhile but we got a bit of an update as to what they're up to this weekend: Mutant Football League is considered the spiritual successor to Mutant League Football originally released in 1993.This new version will feature 7-on-7 arcade style play with the old Mutant League concepts in place. read more

The New Running Moves in Madden NFL 17 Explained

There is now more depth and more to recognize with this year's game, and some players have moves others don't.The first thing you need to realize is that you need to run to your player's strengths. read more

Would You Play a VR Sports Game? (Poll)

Virtual Reality is a thing, and becoming a bigger thing.As the platforms grow in the coming years, it is inevitable more sports centric experiences will become available. read more

OS NBA 2K Expansion MyGM Ep 3: Season Recap, Offseason & Draft Lottery

with a new episode of the OS NBA 2K17 Expansion MyGM recapping the season, asking some questions about programming, the offseason, and the draft lottery.This MyGM Diary seeks to talk about the in-depth portions of MyGM and sports game franchise modes while also following the fates of two Expansion franchises in MyGM. read more

Remember Joe Montana Football? It's A VR Passing Game Apparently...

is always up for weird twists and turns, and at this point its possible no one is even listening.Almost non-chalantly , Joe Montana himself talked about his company Superstar Games and their recent project called which is "an all passing VR game for football. read more

NBA2K Expansion MyGM E4: What does MyGM look Like in Season 2?

The NBA 2K17 Expansion Vlog continues with taking a look at what exactly happens in MyGM after you actually get through a season (this is uncharted territory for many I know!). read more

All of the Diamond Dynasty Rosters Look the Same in MLB The Show 16

checks in again with a look at the Top Five Diamond Dynasty Teams inTo Mike at least, the rosters of the Top Five Diamond Dynasty Teams all look a little 'too' similar.If you can't see the video above, Also be sure to Subscribe to the. read more

Interview With Franchise Hockey Manager 3 Producer Jeff Riddolls

We recently sat down with Producer Jeff Riddolls as well as Community Manager Adam B to talk about this year's game and what it brought to the table.We gave , and if you are a fan of text-sims or hockey (or both) its more than worth a look. read more

MLB The Show 17 Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

The details for what rewards you'll get for Pre-Ordering have arrived.Pre-orders for will net you 10 bonus packs and a Ken Griffey Jr. read more

NBA/2K eSports League: Are You Interested?

Last week, featuring 8-12 teams of five players apiece owned by actual NBA franchises.The concept certainly seems cool, with games being broadcast online and players earning a full-time living while playing through an 82 game season. read more

30 For Nerdy Looks Back on Mutant League

While we recently in our Throwback Thursday, it's the kind of game that can always use further exploration.Luckily, the newest episode of web series 30 For Nerdy, who last , uses clips from both Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey to reflect on the rise and fall of the post-apocalyptic league through the eyes of super-human linebacker Gory Guts and league founder, businessman Stan Whippleman. read more

At This Point, Are You Planning on Buying MLB The Show 17?

is slowly revealing its secrets -- and thus far we've learned quite a bit about this year's game.You can check out the to learn more about what this year's game is bringing to the table if you are not caught up. read more

Three Keys to Building a Winning Side in PES 2017's Master League

Achieving success and winning trophies in Master League can be a difficult task.Unfortunately, there's no tried and true formula that one can replicate and reap immediate rewards. read more

Peter Moore Is Leaving EA for Liverpool

The 61-year-old is currently chief competition officer at Electronic Arts, based in the United States, and will move to Liverpool to join the club in the summer.His nearly 10 years at EA have seen him in a number of leadership positions, including chief operating officer and president of EA SPORTS. read more

Out of the Park Baseball 18 Road to Release: The Negro Leagues

The Out of the Park Baseball 18 development team is hard at work on the game, gearing up for its March 24 release.You can still , a 10% discount, and receive the Gold Master version of the game on March 20, four days ahead of the worldwide launch. read more

Why PES 2017 Was My Game of the Year

If you know me, you'll know I've been totally hooked on for the past few months.While I've often enjoyed releases by Konami in its long-running series, the latest entry is the only title that has gripped me like the franchise did in its heyday, back when it was pumping out dominant iterations on a yearly basis for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. read more

OS is Visiting 2K Next Week, Ask Your Questions Here!

We're going to talk about a lot of topics such as what its like to work at 2K, what the transition from community members to game makers was like, and also some of the nuts and bolts behind the approaches to their jobs.In short we kind of get to learn some of the hows and whys of game development. read more

3-on-3 Freestyle Review (PS4)

Every so often we get to play a game that changes or revolutionizes a genre.and really changed the way we looked at a basketball game, especially with the implementation of their “Wow! read more