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Marvel Comp 5. Black Panther

Sorry for the size A sealed copy of the first issue of Black Panther is worth over 18,000$ (U.S) Regardless of what people may think or say, Black Panther has NO affiliation with the political group. read more

The best computer role-playing games of our decade.

Here's a rundown on the best games to take you back to the roots of role-playing.The role-playing genre has long been the cinematic crux of gaming. read more

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be "distinctively different"

When the second Avengers: Infinity War film arrives in 2019, it’ll mark more than ten years of Disney and Marvel dominating at the box office.So what happens after the dust has settled from the Infinity War then? read more

Marvel Comp 6. The Hulk

I'm sorry for not uploading yesterday.I was feeling ill and stayed in bed sleeping the whole day. read more

Marvel Facts Comp 7. Taskmaster

Designing a costume, he took the moniker Taskmaster; one unidentified early graduate of his criminal academy would become espionage legend Spymaster.When Deadpool employed Sandi as a secretary, she brought Taskmaster in to aid him against the Black Swan. read more

Comic Comp #9 Dr. Doom

So it was a close race but the voters have spoken DR.DOOM Dr. read more

Report: Iron Man will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming

has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, according to The Hollywood Reporter.He'll reprise his role of Iron Man in next year's film, Spider-Man's first as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. read more

Robert Downey Jr. is coming back to Marvel movies sooner than you think

It seems you won't have to wait until the two-part Avengers: Infinity War to see Robert Downey Jr.It'll be the wall-crawler's first solo movie appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2015's Marvel/Sony partnership brought about a homecoming. read more

Comic Comp #10 The Klyntar Part. 1/2

I was going to make a mega-comp with about 70 facts, comics, wallpapers.but there's an upload limit so instead I've divided it into 2 parts. read more

How Batman vs Superman Aided Marvel To Make Captain America: Civil War

The Russo brothers wanted to make Captain America: Civil War just after finishing Captain America: The Winter Soldier.Well it appears Batman vs Superman helped Marvel allow the brothers to go ahead with Civil War. read more

Marvel Games Aware Of Issues People Have With The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games recently got the remaster treatment on current generation hardware, but since their release there’s been a lot of problems that have come to light that buyers are not happy with.While there had been no news on whether or not the developers were working on sorting the issues out, we’re now finally getting some word that the wheels are in motion. read more

Future Marvel Games Not Tied to Comic Continuity

In an interview with IGN, Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann says the “House of Ideas” is giving developers complete freedom with their licensed characters.“We want to give our partners…freedom to look at all of Marvel history and to pick from what interests them,” Rosemann says. read more

Marvel Heroes Coming To PS4, Xbox One This Spring

Now the game is coming to consoles.“It’s got one of the largest rosters of playable Heroes that pulls from all corners of the Marvel Universe. read more

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Patch For PC Has Been Announced

Just this past December though, not only did we get the reveal of Marvel vs.There has been a call for a balancing patch for years and sadly that still isn’t happening, but a patch for the PC version is coming out regardless. read more

New Trailer Presents Ultron Sigma as the Villain of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Today Capcom has presented a new trailer for its fighting game Marvel vs.The new menace presented involves Marvel and Capcom characters joining forces, literally, as Marvel’s diabolic robot Ultron fuses with Mega Man X’s villain Sigma to create a powerful entity that could beat every hero on Earth. read more