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SB Nation, Polygon launch League of Legends site

With eSports gaining momentum, traditional sports and gaming outlets are experimenting with new formats to cover the emerging scene.The latest such foray comes from Vox-owned sites Polygon and SB Nation, which today jointly launched The Rift Herald, a new community site dedicated to covering League of Legends. read more

Inside the truck: How ESPN handled Kobe Bryant's epic final game

Had the record not been at stake that night, Bryant and the Lakers would have aired as originally planned on ESPN.The Kobe game would prove to be a bonanza for ESPN2, with Wednesday night becoming the channel's most-viewed regular season NBA game ever. read more

Help save 17 years of PC game modding history

One of the Web's oldest and largest repositories for classic and current PC gaming mods will be shutting down for good later this month.Despite name changes, ownership changes, and staff changes, you have always made our jobs rewarding and fun. read more

expands with Japan Edition

In addition to content being translated into Japanese from this website, 4Gamer's team will be writing localized content about the games industry in Japan.Furthermore, GamesIndustry. read more

Teen at Trump rally successfully trolls newspaper with NSFW name

The Baltimore Sun is looking into a story in which reporter Ian Duncan included a quote from what was most likely a trolling teen.In a story about yet another protest at a Donald Trump rally — this time in Maryland — Duncan included a quote from a 19-year-old supposedly named Jack Mehoff. read more

PS4 Pro Update Adds 4K Media Playback, but Still no 4K Blu-ray

That’s still the case, as any update to that would require a hardware change, but it does get a bit closer with a new PS4 Pro update that enables 4K media playback via the Media Player app.The PS4 Pro update should roll out later today, with no impact for regular PS4 owners. read more