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New Mega Man Cartoon Series Appears To Still Be On Track For 2017 Release

The Mega Man franchise may seem dead and buried on the gaming side outside of special appearances in games like Super Smash Bros., but it was announced that a new cartoon series was coming based on the Blue Bomber for 2017. read more

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub will enable modded Mega Drive games via Steam Workshop - SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection Gold Edition for PC News -

A new way to enjoy SEGA Mega Drive classics is coming to Steam on April 28, transporting players back to a bedroom of the early nineties.The SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub – available to anyone who purchases of owns at lease one SEGA Mega Drive title on Steam – has been developed by d3t and features a shelf full of classic Mega Drive games and the all-important CRT. read more

Mewtwo's Mega Stones are Now Available in Pokemon Sun and Moon

By entering a code you can get both versions of the Mega Stone, allowing you to transform Mewtwo into either Mega Mewtwo X or Y.Here’s how to get Mewtwo’s Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Moon. read more