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The moon landing: Massive accomplishment or colossal hoax?

The first moon landing, back on July 20, 1969, was a huge achievement, not just for the United States, but for all of mankind.Some readily admit that humans have, since 1969, landed on the moon, and that only the first landing was faked. read more

To power its rocket of the future, NASA turns to 1950s technology

For at least the first, uncrewed flight in 2018, NASA will use an interim upper stage.But Congress has been pressing the agency to settle on a new, permanent upper stage, dubbed the "Exploration Upper Stage," in time for the second launch of the SLS rocket in 2022 or 2023. read more

Find Out What BB-8 Has In Common With NASA’s Mars Rover

Disney posted a video today of BB-8 visiting the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory to meet Maggie, a Mars rover.Maggie is a double of Curiosity, the rover currently on Mars. read more

The search for exoplanets goes cold as Kepler enters emergency mode

Something's gone wrong aboard the planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft.On Friday evening, mission manager Charlie Sobeck announced that Kepler had entered "emergency mode. read more

SpaceX has finally nailed reusable rockets with latest Falcon 9 landing

After several near misses, the Falcon 9 rocket delivered its payload to orbit, then successfully landed on a drone ship, ready for refurbishment and reuse.However, SpaceX also took the opportunity to attempt another vertical landing with the Falcon 9 first stage. read more

NASA is designing a massive solar sail to reach interstellar space

In reality, the edge of our solar system is known as the heliopause, and it’s roughly 2.In hopes of reaching deep space faster, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is investigating a plan to use massive solar sails to reach the heliopause in just 10 years. read more

One-of-a-kind telephoto lens used on Apollo 15 moon landing up for auction

RR Auction is selling a one-of-a-kind Zeiss Tele-Tessar 500mm telephoto camera lens with a starting bid of $50,000.The lens was manufactured specifically for Hasselblad EDC (electric data camera), a camera designed to operate in the extreme conditions found on the moon. read more

Cassini finds interstellar dust during its Solstice flyby of Enceladus

As part of the extended Solstice mission, NASA and the ESA sent Cassini diving through the plumes of these cryovolcanoes on a recent flyby of Enceladus.Far from just boring old water, Cassini found complex organic molecules, CO2, and even bits of Enceladus’ seafloor in the vaporous plumes. read more

Weld by weld, NASA is getting closer to having the biggest rocket once again

With the Space Launch System (SLS), slowly coming together by pieces, it hopes to change that.The Space Launch System is a so-called super heavy-lift rocket, which puts it a category ahead of SpaceX’s venerable Falcon Heavy, and which also makes it the most powerful rocket every created. read more

Hubble's Birthday Gift to the World Is This Trippy Bubble Nebula

Happy 26th birthday to the Hubble Space Telescope!For the telescope's birthday, NASA is pushing this image of the Bubble Nebula. read more

LIGO and NASA may have observed a gamma-ray burst from colliding black holes

Just to produce the gravitational waves LIGO observed, the cataclysm liberated the mass energy of three of our suns — in less than a quarter of a second.Merging black holes take millions of years to collide. read more