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Linux PC built in a Nintendo DS-sized package

OEMs are building some impressively small computers these days, but not many of them pack an entire PC into a package the size of a Nintendo DS like this one does.It’s basically a miniaturized laptop — it has a full-color LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, and a battery — built around a Raspberry Pi 2 board. read more

Intel may be preparing aggressive rounds of job cuts

Earlier this month, we covered the relentless shrinking of the PC market and the departure of long-time Intel executives in Intel’s mobile segments.Much of that work has been done on Intel’s leading-edge research firm, Fab D1X, and might not be affected by the cuts. read more

Supergiant Games’ Third Title Is Pyre

The point of Pyre is to help a group of exiles make it through purgatory by participating in a competition referred to as the Rites.Multiple exiles go through Pyre’s Rites for the opportunity to return their homes, blameless and sin-free. read more

ComScore: Computer usage falls as 20% of millennials go mobile-only

According to new report from comScore, computer use is dropping off quickly as mobile devices encourage new types of interaction.The data gathered by comScore points to substantial year-over-year drops in desktop usage. read more

WWDC 2016 dates announced; developer ticket lottery begins

When is WWDC 2016?And how can I get tickets to WWDC 2016? read more

Acer's huge, 10-pound gaming laptop is VR-ready

Powerful VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require equally beefy gaming PCs with powerful graphics processors to run them.But now you can have at those VR headsets on the go thanks to Acer's gigantic Predator 17x gaming laptop. read more

AMD announces x86 licensing deal, $293 million joint venture to build servers for China

Over the past year, AMD has often hinted that it would announce a major new semi-custom win in early 2016.Asked point-blank whether AMD had licensed x86 IP to the THATIC joint venture, CEO Lisa Su confirmed that it had. read more

Doom was so popular in 1995

Doom was so popular in 1995 prev nextrandomComment ✖PrevTopNextComment Doom was so popular in 1995 that it was installed on more PCs than Windows 95.The team was led by Gabe Newell. read more