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Axiom Verge’s Surreal Caverns & Glitching Enemies Are Now Portable

Axiom Verge, one man’s effort to make his own Metroid-style game, has released on PS Vita, letting players take Trace’s strange journey anywhere they go.This version is cross-buy compatible with the PS4 version. read more

Game review: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair mes to PC

As pleased as we’ve been to see Danganronpa get a sequel, we’re sure that had nothing to do with its success in the West.The Danganronpa games are essentially expanded visual novels, the gameplay being much in the style of the Ace Attorney titles. read more

Game review: Axiom Verge brings idvania to PS Vita

Another indie game proves that the PS Vita isn’t dead yet, with a Metroid style game that Nintendo could be proud of.There’s a complex explanation for what’s going on in terms of the plot, although the game is a little too in love with its own lore. read more