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Epic tease new Paragon hero

Regular readers will know I have been caught by the Paragon bug, which is strange as I generally don’t like MOBAs.I have therefore been keeping a close eye on this like some sort of Paragon train-spotter. read more

Paragon development update - Free weekends and balance pass soon

The end of the month Paragon developer update from Epic for their MOBA has been posted and there’s a lot planned in the weeks ahead.Anyone how has signed up to beta test will be pleased to hear that free weekends that they “won’t have to wait much longer” until these get started. read more

Paragon Iggy & Scorch hero details - Watch them in action

This week Epic has been teasing their new Paragon characters Igg & Scorch and today there’s a few more details.The new additions are not two separate heroes but a single combined to form Iggy & Scorch where Iggy sits atop Scorch. read more

Dial M for MOBA: Why battle arenas are replacing MMOs

Move over WoW - there's a new three letter word on the throne, and it isn't "kek".Why play "pretty close to WoW" when I could just spend my years in WoW? read more

Paragon .24 released - Movements speed and Iggy & Scorch update

The fiery Iggy & Scorch has just been added to the hero roster.This update also makes changes to hero’s movement speed with an increase for both ranged and melee heroes. read more

Plays Paragon's Iggy & Scorch

Epic has just released the latest update to their MOBA Paragon, which is currently in closed beta testing, and I’ve taken it for a spin.This latest update comes with a new fiery hero duo called Iggy & Scorch along with numerous tweaks and updates. read more

Epic needs to address Paragon cross-platform play

This weekend has been a mix of work and a copious amount of Paragon play for me, and it’s been great.Now, I am always up for some cross-platform play if there’s little difference between playing on a console and a PC. read more