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The Last Blade 2 Is Headed To PS4 And PS Vita On May 24 With Cross-Buy Support

Blog that they’re releasing The Last Blade 2 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on May 24, 2016, and it’ll have cross-buy support, meaning you get both versions for buying either.In addition to the cross-buy, the fighter features local and online multiplayer, with cross-play and cross-save function between PS4 and PS Vita. read more

This Week In Sales: Divinity, République, And Skullgirls 2nd Encore Make Their Debuts

Top-seller: Yo-kai Watch: Romance of the Three Kingdoms (3DS) – 41,768 << How to read and understand sales Last week, Japan saw a relatively quiet week in video game sales with a few minor releases in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, République, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore.Media Create has provided us with video game software and hardware sales data from the week of April 11 through April 17, 2016. read more

SNK Playmore announces The Last Blade 2 for PS4

SNK Playmore will release The Last Blade 2 on May 24 for the PS4 and PSVita.It also will feature cross buy and cross save support SNK Playmore recently announced via the PlayStation Blog that they will release their port of arcade game The Last Blade 2 on May 24. read more

Ghostbusters game in the works

Finally, it's happening: a Ghostbusters game for new gen consoles.This Ghostbusters game isn’t connected with the new movie, and therefore won’t have any of the main cast members in it. read more

Quick guide to using your PS4 remote wirelessly on your PC

Here's what you'll need to get started: First up, if you've bought a new USB Dongle, you'll want to set this up yourself and continue with the next paragraph.So to pair your PS4 remote, you'll first need to set it up for sharing mode. read more

End of an era: Microsoft halts production of the Xbox 360

It’s been roughly two and a half years since the Xbox One replaced the Xbox 360, and Microsoft is finally ready to pull the plug on its venerable console.” The PS3 and Xbox 360 ended up in more-or-less the same place last generation in terms of total unit sales, but in the beginning Microsoft’s console ate Sony’s lunch. read more

PS4K ‘Neo’ will target 1080p minimum resolution, upcoming titles universally compatible

No Neo-specific or PS4-specific titles: Older games can be patched for the Neo to offer forward compatibility, new titles must include such support from Day 1.The example Eurogamer gives is that a game that supports two-player split-screen gaming on the PS4 can offer four-player split-screen on Neo. read more

Test Chamber – An Early Run Through Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The beta goes out to those in the Frontrunners program on April 22 and to the general public on April 23 and ends on April 26.We got a chance to get started on it a little early, and played portion of the game's opening, saw the story setup, played around with Faith's new abilities, and even get a brief look at the potential of the open world. read more

Agent 47 Heads To Italy In New Hitman: Episode 2 Trailer

The next stop on the assassin's world tour is Sapienza, an Italian resort that harbors a deadly secret.The virus has the potential of targeting specific DNA, which makes it the ultimate assassin. read more

Game review: Invisible, Inc. nsole Edition is the next best thing to XM

The new turn-based spy adventure from the creators of Don’t Starve comes to PS4, and it’s one of the best downloads of the year.The worst thing about making a popular game is that it immediately dooms you to a lifetime making sequels of diminishing return. read more

Two Dark Souls III Amateurs Discuss Their (Mis)Adventures

From Software's Dark Souls series has garnered a dedicated cult following over the years, but not everyone is a true believer.That could very well change with Dark Souls III, though. read more

The Walking Dead: Michonne's Series Finale Gets A Launch Trailer

The final episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne is a few days away, but you can watch the launch trailer right now.The trailer threatens that everything you've become in the first two episodes leads to this, so hopefully you've made good choices. read more

Game review: The Gallery: Call Of The Starseed is a stunning VR adventure

After all, VR is a glorious technology and it’s completely understandable that it will take time to create more nuanced and satisfying experiences.Besides, many of the games are still far more entertaining than most console launch titles, and a few, such as The Gallery, are properly good games in the own right. read more

Game review: The Banner Saga 2 is grim but beautiful

That’s the approach The Banner Saga goes for though, and that makes it simultaneously a very daring and very predictable follow-up.That, and treating each new game as merely a new episode in a larger story tends to discourage gameplay innovation. read more

Game review: Axiom Verge brings idvania to PS Vita

Another indie game proves that the PS Vita isn’t dead yet, with a Metroid style game that Nintendo could be proud of.There’s a complex explanation for what’s going on in terms of the plot, although the game is a little too in love with its own lore. read more

Are AMD’s 3 new gaming chips destined for PS4K, Xbox One Slim, and Nintendo NX?

Those are all just rumors, though, but they are now rumors AMD has added a lot of new fuel to.So three new SOCs most likely means a PS4 refresh, an Xbox One refresh, and what else? read more

Square Enix's ode to JRPGs, I am Setsuna, will release on July 19

Square Enix has recently announced that I am Setsuna will be available on July 19.The games of this period include some critically acclaimed titles, such as Final Fantasy 6 and Secret of Mana. read more

Zombie Vikings Ragnarök Edition launched for PS4

Swedish developers Zoink and publishers Rising Star Games released the physical version of Zombie Vikings Ragnarök Edition for the PS4 this week for $19.The bonus features in the Ragnarök Edition come in addition to an already impressive game full of fantastic graphics and great storyline (written by Zach Weinersmith of SMBC Comics). read more