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Ford just made spotting its police SUV a lot harder

Scofflaw drivers beware: spotting police vehicles is about to get more challenging.We knew where we stood with the Ford Crown Victoria—unless painted bright yellow it was always a cop car. read more

Canada Desperately Needs to Have a Public Debate About Encryption

Why haven’t we rallied around the issue of encryption, which cuts across many lines of interest—activists use encryption, too—in a similar way?But sticking our heads in the sand doesn’t stop the encryption debate from playing out all around us. read more

This is the Police gets new story trailer featuring the voice of Duke Nukem - This is the Police for PC News

PC gamers will get to experience police corruption of the highest level in this summer's This is the Police, a new moral choice strategy game from Weappy Studio and newly announced publishing partner EuroVideo Medien.After serving the Freeburg City Police Department for decades, the new Chief of Police Jack Boyd receives a letter from the mayor informing him that he's fired and has only 180 days left in power. read more