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Gears of War 4's multiplayer goes back to the glory days

For one, Gears 4 is adding a new dynamic way to assault your enemies using cover.To remedy the skill gap, Ferguson says Gears 4 is introducing new ranking tiers, similar to Halo, that match players with people of roughly equal performance. read more

This impressive controller performance zigzags across video game history

At face value, this video from The KlingDing is just another charming chip-tune remix made slightly more impressive by its live performance.Consider the combination of classic games and current hardware, and the video transforms into a Matryoshka doll of video game history. read more

Clinton vs. Sanders: Top 8 moments from New York's Democratic debate

The Democratic debate in Brooklyn on Thursday night got pretty intense as the presidential hopefuls duked it out.Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders didn't hold anything back as they criticized each others policy differences among other things. read more

HBO's 'Confirmation' tries to tell the whole truth, but doesn't dig deep enough

“This is about love and hate, and cheating, and disgust, and avarice," Simpson continues, with relish.The story of Thomas' confirmation hearings is a fascinating one, rife with the sort of thorny, timeless themes and issues audiences can't help but find irresistible — race, gender, sex, power, corruption. read more

Minecraft as American Political Commentary

Made by PlanetMinecraft’s Jossieboy, the map, titled “No Future,” is his way to deliver commentary on today’s political climate.It is my way of delivering some critique to the current political situation in the U. read more

HBO Now arrives on Xbox One

Just in time for Beyoncé's special — and the season premiere of Game of Thrones, if that's more your style — HBO Now has launched on the Xbox One.The app rolled out this morning, giving people without cable subscriptions the chance to sign up for HBO and stream its huge catalog of TV series. read more

Microsoft is stopping production of the Xbox 360

A decade later, Microsoft has finally ceased production on the Xbox 360.Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. read more

Six big reasons to hold off on virtual reality

Following the smartphone comparison, virtual reality is like the first iPhone, and it could be awhile before it feels as polished, inclusive, and comparably affordable as say, the iPhone 5C.Here are six reasons to consider holding off on virtual reality — for now: The resolution of Oculus Rift’s earliest prototypes was so low, that its view of virtual reality appeared to be obstructed by a screen door. read more

How 65daysofstatic made the sci-fi sounds of No Man’s Sky

Do you think that there’s something about your sound that’s particularly sci-fi?That said, I think sci-fi has been quite influential on us. read more

Sega will officially support modded Genesis games on Steam

Sega plans to allow legal distribution of modified Genesis games on PC through the Steam Workshop, Valve's repository for user-created content, in an unprecedented move for the storied Japanese gaming giant.Support will come alongside the new Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub (Mega Drive being the European, Japanese, and way better name for the Sega Genesis) on Steam, which also features a fully 3D-rendered '90s bedroom as a way to access your purchased Genesis games. read more

Watch Nintendo's Star Fox anime now on YouTube

The short sets up the story for new Wii U game Star Fox Zero, detailing the efforts of crack pilots Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi against forces led by evil hovering monkey face Andross.The short has some surprisingly lavish production for a promotional tie-in, with slick animation, capable voice acting, and even a few jokes. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been delayed until June

The return of Faith will have to wait just a little bit longer: today EA announced that the next game in the Mirror's Edge franchise has been delayed until June.This marks the second delay for the game; Mirror's Edge Catalyst was originally slated for a February launch, before being pushed back to May 24th. read more

Pyre is the beautiful next game from the team behind Transistor

The studio describes it as a game about leading "a band of exiles through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory," and like Supergiant's previous releases, it looks absolutely gorgeous.Aside from that, though, we don't know a lot about Pyre just yet. read more

Basketball is coming to Rocket League next week

Soccer-meets-cars game Rocket League is getting a new mode that introduces basketball to the experience.The downloadable add-on will be available for free, and in addition to the new game mode, will also include a basketball-themed arena where the net doubles as a ramp. read more