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Prince's fans mourn the death of a pop culture icon

It's challenging to know what to do when a cultural icon you love dies — and sometimes the best place to find solace is Twitter.After learning of Prince's death early this afternoon, fans expressed their grief and confusion all over the web. read more

Prince was a music legend, a cultural icon and so much more

Born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958, he would later go by Prince, the Purple One, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, and quite a few other labels.With a unique blend of pop, funk and rock  and roll explored over 39 albums, Prince used his signature falsetto to push the cultural conversation forward with lyrics that were both blatantly sexual and a challenge to gender norms. read more

Celebrate peak Prince weirdness with a look back at 'Batdance'

Living and creating outside the norm is what defined the man and his work.Just look at "Batdance. read more

Prince's style invented the sex symbol

Though the singer reportedly died Thursday morning in Minnesota, at the age of 57, his legacy — especially with style — will be remembered.Though only a teen, he owned his sexuality onstage and off with singles like "I wanna be your lover," and "I feel for you. read more

Prince's high school yearbook pics show he slayed from day 1

Teens, this is how you DGAF.Prince, who died Thursday morning at his home, is being remembered as a legendary musician, fashion icon and cultural cornerstone. read more

Justin Bieber is mad someone called Prince 'the last of the greatest living performers'

Justin Bieber is making a lot of people very angry after commenting on musician Andrew Watt's Instagram paying tribute to Prince.While it's true that dismissing an entire generation of musicians isn't the most positive way to pay tribute to Prince, now is not the time to argue, Bieber. read more

6 cover songs Prince put his freaky, fascinating spin on

It's amazing that an artist with a discography as extensive as Prince's found time to cover anyone else's songs.Here are six songs forever changed by Prince's touch. read more

That mind-blowing time James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince performed together

Following Prince's death on Thursday, the Internet is honoring and celebrating the artist by highlighting some of his greatest performances, including the time he joined Michael Jackson and James Brown for a spontaneous jam session.The performance happened on Aug. read more

A look back at Prince's incredibly sexy guitars

Prince, who passed away Thursday at 57, was one of the most unique musicians of our generation, if not only for his taste in guitars.SEE ALSO: Prince was a music legend, a cultural icon and so much more Most commonly seen with a Fender Telecaster, Prince was also known for his custom-styled axe, the Cloud Guitar, of which he had multiple versions of throughout his career, in several different colors. read more

9 quotes that prove Prince's infinite wisdom will stay with us forever

Prince has died, which doesn't seem possible to the fans who saw him as an otherworldly being.He may have only lived on Earth for 57 years, but his philosophy seemed to stretch thousands of years into the future. read more

Fans transform New York's Prince St. subway station into impromptu Prince memorial

Everyone copes with loss differently.Some take to social media, some leave tokens of appreciation — and some engage in benign vandalism on public transport. read more

Classic Dave Chappelle sketch brings Prince's mad basketball skills to life

Tons of celebrities have excellent stories about Prince.One of the funniest of all time, however, was told by Charlie Murphy on Comedy Central's legendary Chappelle's Show. read more

That Time Prince Inspired a Mortal Kombat Character

An 2011 interview on the official PlayStation blog gives the skinny: PSB: Speaking of Rain, he was originally hinted at in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.[laughs] When we were working on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, I was thinking “what ninja color have we not done yet? read more