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Numbers for new B-21 bomber program don’t add up, according to researcher

It has been six months since the US Air Force awarded the contract for its next-generation long-range bomber to Northrop Grumman.A report released this week by the Congressional Research Service suggests that legislators may want to take a hard look at that possibility. read more

The No-OOP back to basics experiment

You'll scour the internet and you find all sorts of patterns and paradigms, you'll love them and start applying them everywhere.If they don't fit the problem, you'll make it fit god damn it, silver bullets everywhere. read more

Twitch to Begin Selling Games

The program is expected to launch sometime this spring, and would allow livestream viewers who like what they see to instantly and directly buy the games they’re watching.“Viewers have always used Twitch as a way to ‘demo’ games before they buy,” the company says in a blog post. read more