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Need For Speed Game Update Available Now, Adds SpeedLists, Prestige Mode, Activities

SpeedLists are a series of five pre-selected events that you compete in against other human opponents.Getting into the action is quick and easy, simply select the new SpeedList tile from the main menu, chose from Quick Play, Speed, Style or Mixed, and away you go. read more

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Open Beta Arrives on May 5, System Requirements Revealed

The Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Open Beta is scheduled to arrive on May 5 for Windows 10 users.Check out the system requirements below. read more

Moto Racer 4 Announced For PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox One, Powered By Unreal Engine 4

Moto Racer 4 has revived the craze for the winning formula that made the original trilogy so successful.High-speed races on powerful bikes alternate with motocross on more nimble machines for a white-knuckle ride that remains playable despite the need for technical prowess, with rules of fair-play often put to one side. read more

Gran Turismo Sport Live Spectate Mode Videos & More Details

The low speed tyre model issue demonstrated itself when you launched a car from standstill, with no step-out from the rear or torque steer from the front.Now PD did fix this to a degree late in GT6�s life, with step-out occurring in MR models quite well, however it was still far too mild in FR and non-existent in FF. read more

Forza Racing Championship Debuts This Summer in Forza Motorsport 6

Racing on Xbox One will soon take its next great leap forward with the Forza Racing Championship, debuting later this summer in Forza Motorsport 6.The Forza Racing Championship will take advantage of Forza�s renowned authenticity and the massive amount of content available in the game, including more than 600 fully detailed Forzavista� cars and an unmatched lineup of racing tracks from all over the world. read more

NASCAR Heat Evolution Career Mode Details, Dev Diary & Much More (Game Informer)

its career mode is full bodied.You start out at the bottom of the Sprint Cup series with your own team and have to earn contracts and satisfy real sponsors in order to upgrade your organization. read more

MXGP 2 Review (PS4)

Because once I started sharing the courses with 21 computer-controlled bikers, MXGP 2's unrealistic collisions and rudimentary AI ruined my fun.CPU drivers in MXGP 2 mostly just follow predetermined paths, being careful to avoid contact with fellow AI racers, and generally ignoring the user's presence on the track. read more

Need For Speed Arrives in The Vault on July 12 For Origin & EA Access Subscribers

It also gives users access to The Vault, which houses a growing library of EA games subscribers can play as much as they want.Origin Access, exclusive for PC users, is very similar to the Xbox One subscription service, EA Access. read more

F1 2016 Features 22 Player Online Racing, Formation Lap & Manual Starts

F1 2016 will also include manual race starts.You�ll need to engage your clutch and balance your revs, as you wait for the lights to go out. read more

More Forza Horizon 3 Vehicles Revealed (Week 2)

After showing off the first batch of , the team is revealing , including the 1951 Holden 50-2106 FX Ute, 1974 Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van and the 2016 Holden Special Vehicles GTS Maloo.Check out the week 2 car list below and to see the vehicles that have been previously revealed. read more

SBK16 Review - Operation Sports

When it comes to mobile sports gaming, SBK16 is a bright spot among a lot of pretty lame and average sports titles.On top of that, there are real SBK riders along with several real race tracks with which to race on. read more

NASCAR Heat Evolution Features Up to 40 Human Players in Online Multiplayer Races

When creating your own race, you’ll be able to select the track, number of laps, fuel/tire wear, and max number of players.Once a race has been created, it will begin in 60 seconds whether the requested number of drivers have joined or not. read more

Forza Horizon 3 Video in 4K (IGN)

The same applies to the water droplets that scatter across your windshield while it rains, and the clouds that roll in to signal a change of weather, and the coastal skyscrapers that slowly light up, room by room, as Australia�s Surfer�s Paradise transitions into night time.Those meticulous details surely exist in the console version of the game, too, but in 4K, almost every visual detail of Forza Horizon 3 looks sharp, clear, and consistently engaging. read more

DiRT Rally Adding PlayStation VR Support Soon

Codemasters has just announced plans to add PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally in the coming weeks, giving you a fully immersive off-road experience, with the upgraded game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally.The update will also enable a game-changing second player to join in on the fun. read more