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50% of people will plug any old USB drive into their computers

” The same rule applies to USB drives, people.” It shouldn’t be, but for a lot of people that’s exactly what they’re thinking. read more

Insidious Petya ransomware defeated, decryption tools released

Malware keeps getting nastier all the time, and ransomware in particular seems to be running rampant right now.This week, they scored a major victory against a particularly nasty strain of ransomware called Petya. read more

NJ Transit is now recording passengers’ audio for ‘security reasons’

Those of us from a big city that have to take public transportation every day have more or less accepted the unspoken contract that buying a ticket to ride entails.Now, New Jersey Transit is verbalizing one aspect of that unspoken contract: your privacy is being thrown onto the tracks like all those empty soda bottles you stare at while waiting for the train to arrive. read more

We may never know how the FBI unlocked shooter’s iPhone

We know now that the FBI was able to gain access to an iPhone 5C belonging to the San Bernardino shooter thanks to an outside security firm.What we don’t know is how it was done or even who did it. read more

How the UK's National Crime Agency Fights Cybercrime With Hacking of Its Own

Over the past few months, more details about UK law enforcement's closely-guarded use of “equipment interference”—the government's broad term for hacking—have come to light.The evidence gives four examples of how UK law enforcement have used equipment interference, including two relating to NCA cybercrime investigations. read more

Philippines voter hack: election hack is 'freaking huge' ()

When stored digitally, fingerprint data is typically converted into a unique code relating to the patterns known as minutiae.The Philippines started collecting voter fingerprint data in 2015, with citizens given 17 months to register on the new biometric system. read more

Windows PC users should uninstall QuickTime immediately

The US government and TrendMicro are both recommending that all Windows users uninstall QuickTime immediately thanks to critical vulnerabilities that Apple has no intention of fixing.[O]ur Zero Day Initiative has just released two advisories ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242 detailing two new, critical vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows. read more

Apple confirms QuickTime for Windows is dead, Adobe stuck between rock and hard place

Last week, news broke of security woes in the Windows version of QuickTime that Apple had no intention of patching.As of this writing, QuickTime 7 Pro is still available for purchase, the free version is still available for download, and the Apple Software Updater still wants to install QT 7. read more

PlayStation Network getting two-step verification

Sony is beefing up user security for the PlayStation Network.As reported by Polygon, a representative with the company confirmed that it will be introducing two-factor authentication to the log in process. read more

iPhone users hit with Apple ID expiration scam

Watch out, iPhone users.A text-message phishing scam, disguised as a note sent by Apple Support, aims to lure unsuspecting iPhone owners to share their usernames and passwords. read more