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Is South Africa's Dota 2's "Only Search Ranked" movement capping our skill?

This morning a Facebook post caught my attention about the new “Only Search Ranked” movement which encourages South African Dota 2 players to search for Ranked games on the South African servers.The discussion was whether this new movement could lower the skill level in South Africa if people play Ranked mode. read more

Hey, Blizzard took note - South Africa is finally getting a Hearthstone Spring Preliminary!

I’ve always found it rather annoying that we in South Africa in particular get left out.Yesterday, an email found its way into my inbox from a local Hearthstone player, Francois Mouton. read more

ESL's expansion continues with the Benelux Championship

The Electronic Sports League has long been the front-runner for major eSports tournaments and development throughout the globe.While this championship is somewhat irrelevant to us here in South Africa, it does pose an important question: When will ESL make their way to South Africa? read more

Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Heracross

Gen 2 Pokemon have finally made their way into Pokemon Go.This guide will tell you where to find Heracross in Pokemon Go. read more