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Save Big On Select RAM and Flash Storage Products, Today Only on Amazon

Amazon just kicked off a Gold Box deal on select Crucial and Lexar “memory” products, which in this case refers to both flash storage solutions and RAM.Inside, you’ll find a 960GB SSD for just $200, 8GB of RAM for as low as $22, an iOS compatible flash drive, professional grade SD cards, and more. read more

Intel demos 3D XPoint, showcases Optane’s 2GB/s performance

This new memory, 3D XPoint (pronounced “crosspoint”) is a non-volatile memory that Intel is advertising as the first major memory breakthrough in 25 years.Early speculation was that 3D XPoint would be based or at least related-to phase change memory, but Intel has denied that this is the case without specifying the exact details of how Optane actually works. read more

LaCie announces gargantuan 96TB external hard drive

The 12big Thunderbolt 3 offers up to 96TB of storage for the discriminating video editor.It has a hardware RAID controller that can handle RAID 5 and 6. read more